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Arcade Machine: Clown Hunt Switch Review

PublisherNintendo Switch
Release Date1/20/23
ESRB RatingE10+

Arcade Machine: Clown Hunt is a simple game. This is a game where you shoot clowns in a shooting gallery. You move the cursor around and shoot them. You get points when they die. First, you get a starting screen with two tight ropes, then a clown shoots out of a cannon. After that, you get a screen with two rings, then clowns come out of a clown car. Finally, you get a Ferris wheel screen and a boss clown. Then, it repeats. You go through the same set of screens and enemies, no real variation, over and over and again. You do this until you either die by too many cream pies, or get bored and quit. I died. I’m not planning on going back.


Arcade Machine: Clown Hunt is actually second in a series of Arcade Machine games. The first was Gopher’s Revenge, an equally boring and monotonous game. You just bash gophers over the head with a mallet, and that is it. These games are cheap, $2.49. But even at that price, they’re just not interesting enough to stand on their own. Maybe a compilation of games for a little more is what is best. On their own, neither of these of games are really worth playing. Hard Pass and nothing more to say.

Overall: Arcade Machine: Clown Hunt is so boring, that it’s not worth a recommend, even at $2.49. There are far more interesting titles at that price anyway.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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P.S. Want some actual fun arcade game action, try Pachi Pachi on a Roll!

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