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Exitman Deluxe Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/2/23
ESRB RatingE

Exitman Deluxe is a very simple game. You are a figure, the ceiling will come down, and your goal is to fit into a randomly placed gap, and a yellow exit box within the gap. Just being in the gap will do in most modes. Although, if you fit in the yellow exit box, you get coins which are used to unlock new figures and accessories. It is a simple but fun little game.

There are five different modes to play in Exitman Deluxe. First, there is an endless run, where you keep surviving until you die. Then there is a 1 vs. 100 mode where you want to be the sole survivor. I am not sure if this is online. I think it might be, as there’s a mix of usernames and generic names. Then there is you vs. a single CPU. You beat them and your rank will go up. Lose and it’ll go down. Next there are 150 wave stages, where you’ll a set number of ceiling drops to survive. You might also need to exit, or avoid exiting. Finally, there is a 2-4 player local multiplayer to enjoy.

I liked Exitman Deluxe. It’s a simple but fun experience with a variety of modes to enjoy. Plus there is the goal of unlocking all the figures and accessories. This is done via a gacha system. A hundred coins gets you a random figure. Two hundred gets you a random accessory. Remember, this isn’t a complex game, but it is fun nevertheless.

Overall: Exitman Deluxe is not a complex game. Still, it is fun to play with a variety of modes. A complete package.

Verdict: Recommended

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