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Hola! Reversi

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/4/23
ESRB RatingE

Hola! Reversi is a strange game. It is board game originally from the UK, the version is from Eastern Europe, with an oriental theme. Plus there’s these two random women on the home screen icon that are never explained:

Who are they? Why are they there? Never explained.

But don’t worry, however, Hola! Reversi plays a mean game of Othello(synonym of Reversi). There are white pieces and black pieces. You take turns sandwiching the reverse color between two of yours, flipping them. You play until the board fills up. Most pieces win. Unlike chess games on the Switch, where the AI is universally abysmal, the strategy here is much simpler, so the AI is improved. Basically, place your pieces so that the other player doesn’t turn a ton of yours.

Me losing!

There two other variations of Othello in Hola! Reversi, plus many piece and board types, plus a handy tutorial video to watch. This is a solid package a player cannot go wrong with. Care definitely went into this. The issue is why buy this? There are four other dedicated Reversi games on the Switch, including a 3D one with bunnies for two dollars. It is also in Clubhouse Games. This will get a recommend, so get it if you want it, but its not exactly a system seller, due to the game being plentiful on the Switch.

Overall: Hola! Reversi is a solid game. The issue is there is no specific reason to pick it out from among the others games of Othello on the Switch.

Verdict: Recommended

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P.S. Try Pawn of the Dead for a neat twist on Chess!

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