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The Awful Gaslighting over Ugly Video Game Women!

Look at the above picture of the ugly female character from the Fable reboot. But this editorial isn’t about that specifically, it’s about the gaslighting around that character. Take this article, with its dig at gamers

Just like when Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy was criticized for having peach fuzz on her face and not being conventionally dolled up in an apocalyptic setting, gamers are now upset that developers didn’t make Fable’s heroine look like a sexy pin-up as she runs for her life in a giant’s home.

I could bring up 10 articles with the same condescending attitude. “Gamers are bad incels because they want attractive women.” Or, I could bring up tweets with similar attitudes.

While this tweet wasn’t in regards to Fable specifically, this attitude is rife on twitter. If you want attractive women, you want to jerk off. Its really quite odd. When Mortal Kombat 1’s Tanya was revealed, there were complaints then too, And there was gaslighting too:

While I personally don’t think she is that ugly, I get the sentiment, she’s certainly odd looking. Plus, people were conflating the criticisms of her ugliness with racism. Black woman can be ugly and it doesn’t make me racist.

Why the gaslighting?

What is going on? Why are people gastlighting others over ugly female characters? I could blame sex-negative feminist puritans who want women covered up from the male gaze. But I think its gone beyond that now. Its now some weird cult, where ugly is beautiful and beautiful is ugly(see: modern art). Let me post that fable image again:

Ugly fable character

That is not an attractive woman. That is not an average woman. Saying that she is an average or even beautiful woman is an insult to women! The character is a butt ugly woman and I’m tired of being forced to say that it is. The woman Microsoft put forward as the face of Fable is ugly. Does that mean I want to jerk off to women while I’m playing, no. If I want to do that, there are plenty of games where I can do just that (I happened to have linked the good ones).

The reality of life is people want to look at attractive people. It’s basically scientifically proven. And the linked article, and scores of others, attempt to explain why that’s bad. These people worship the ugly, worship the profane. They call you ugly names when you are hard wired to like attractiveness in people. And no matter how much finger wagging there is, you’re not going to change people’s perceptions, that’s just life. You have to accept it. Gaslighting me, telling me I’m bad for liking pretty women, is bad, because it goes against human nature. Men like looking at pretty women. Women like being pretty women.

While many cosplayers are paid to dress up, some will just do it for the fun of it!

I’ll stop here. I could be here until next week, writing a doctoral dissertation on why we’re being gaslighted over ugly women(or why they are even there). It’s honestly a complex and deep topic that demands more breadth and depth than I can provide here. But regardless of why, it really needs to stop. In the end, the gaslighters are only swimming upstream, eventually they will lose. You cannot win against millions of years of human evolution. You will lose.

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