In book publishing, the slush pile refers to the mass amount of unsolicited manuscripts a publisher or agent will get. On the Nintendo Switch , there are massive amounts of cheap games with no mainstream attention, which I will refer to as the Gaming Slush Pile.


Who am I? Just a guy who looks at the mass list of Switch games and wonders what to buy. I have taken it upon myself to dive into the slush pile and pick out the gems, and warn you about the trash.


My funds and time are not endless, but I’ll try to upload between 1-3 reviews a day, depending on what is being reviewed. Most games reviewed will either be recent releases or on sale at that time.

My rules for the games I review are as follows:

  1. I will review no game over $20 when not on sale.
  2. No AAA(EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, SquareEnix ect). Indie games will be the focus.
  3. I will give a honest review regardless of how I get the copy, either bought or provided by the developers. That means if you send me your game, if it is bad, I will trash it. So send your best.
  4. I will review your hentai game, but note, to get a good review, it must actually be a game(see: Crawlco Block Knockers).
  5. I will not guarantee I will complete your game, depending on what it is. But I will play enough to get a good feel for it and whether its worth recommending.
  6. All screenshots will be taken by me using my Switch or PC.
  7. I generally avoid free to play games because they are not actually free to play.

The metric I use when reviewing games is “does the game accomplish what it sets out to be?” So if its a cheap word puzzle game, I will judge it as a cheap word puzzle game and compare it to other cheap word puzzle games. Most of the games I review won’t have amazing graphics or sound, so unless they’re offensively bad, they won’t factor in as much as game play does.

The six tiered scoring system I use is as follows:


Must Play – Get your butt to the E-Shop and download this right now! The best of the best.


Recommended: I recommend this game, because its good.


Your Mileage May Vary(YMMV): This is the tricky one. Reviews are subjective, and I fully recognize this fact. I may not personally like a game, but you might like it if you play it.


Not Recommended: I find the game mediocre to poor and I recommend you steer clear.


Garbage: This tier is saved for the bottom of the barrel in quality. Stay far, far away.


Hilariously Awful: This is reserved for games so bad they are awesome. An example would the be the N64 game War Godz, which was awful, but I put in more time than I’ll admit to.

IF you would like to send me your game for review, email me at Mordie@Gameslushpile.com.


Note that sending me a game for review does not guarantee a good review. It simply means I’m guaranteed to review it.