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Truck Simulator 2 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/31/2021

In my last review, Real Truck Simulator 2022, I mentioned a game called Truck Simulator. This appears to be the sequel to it, so since it was on sale, I picked it up. I played around with it for a while, which I’ll get to, but the real interesting is the Publisher, PixelMob. And the reason for it is this:

For the last few years, they’ve basically been releasing the same game, just with different cars and areas. Truck Simulator 2 is in this line of driving simulator games.

So what is the PixelMob formula? Its very simple. You pick a vehicle, pick a mission, drive around an area, following the instructions and helpful markers, trying to be as fast as possible, and that’s about it.

So in Truck Simulator 2, you have 17 vehicles, 5 missions each, for a total of 85 missions. Each mission is basically point A to point B following the markers and instructions, which can include stopping for a few seconds a point, going down an elevator, and parking your vehicle backwards at goal.

Welcome to Hell

The vehicle do all handle slightly differently due to their sizes, and that is a plus, but each mission boils down to the same basic routines. You just drive around the warehouse district, and beat the time while trying not to crash too much into barriers and cars, which deplete your durability bar. There’s no real deviation, you can drive a cradle lifter, but you don’t do any cradle lifting that I found, disappointing.

This is Camper Van Simulator. I included a provided screenshot to show off the near Identical UI.

Honestly, its not great, but not unplayable garbage. Its just there, like the other dozen or so _____ simulator clones PixelMob have put out for the Switch. Obviously somebody is buying these things, so there is a market. Its just not for me.

Overall: Buy Truck Simulator 2, you’ve bought every other PixelMob simulation game. Your mileage may vary.

Verdict: YMMV

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