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Mokoko X Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/7/2022
ESRB RatingT

Mokoko X is a funny version of Qix. Qix is where you are a little ship at the edge of a play field. You press a button and enter the field and try to cordon off sections of it. Opposing you are enemies. If you touch them, you die. If they touch your line, they send a signal that if it catches up to you, you die. If you catch an enemy in your cordon line, they die. If you manage to cordon enough of the field, you win. Its a tried and true formula.

Mokoko X

The main part of Mokoko X is story mode. You help one of eight women, each who are afflicted with a different thing, like pests or the military. For each woman there are four levels. The first three introduce a different enemy, who is fully voiced and comes with their own, surprisingly funny backstories. Probably the best one is the game developer scorpion who talks about making you watch ads and buy DLC. A tiny banner add is at the top of the play field.

Mokoko X

The final level is a much larger field and all three of the previous enemies at once. These levels can get difficult, I’ll admit. But I find nibbling off a deep slice, then cutting across, taking off a large chunk, works well. Once you beat the boss, you fully uncover a final pic and move on to the next girl.

Mokoko X

The pictures you are uncovering here are all safe for work. But note, if you get the Steam version, you can download a patch that strips them naked. Honestly, I do not really see the point in that unless you absolutely want to see anime boobs. You can have fun without it.

Overall: Mokoko X is Qix, but its a humorous version of Qix.

Verdict: Recommended

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