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Yeah Yeah Beebliss II Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/20/2022
PublisherNami Tentou
ESRB RatingE10+

A little bit of backstory is necessary for Yeah Yeah Beebliss II. In 1`989 in the back of a magazine, the mail-order video game company Play It Again had an ad with an NES game entitled Yeah Yeah Beebliss I.

Yeah Yeah Beebliss II

There was only one problem, nobody knew what it is was. There were no screenshots or reviews, anything. The game was actually released. People weren’t even sure it was even a real game. It had remained a mystery ever since. Well, one popular theory is that is was the English version of a Japanese title that was never released in the west starring a Chinese vampire boy. You can read up more on this here.

An indie developer decided to go ahead and make a sequel to that mythical game that was never release, based on the theory that it was that Japanese game. Honestly, some mysteries are better left unsolved in my opinion, as Yeah Yeah Beebliss II is kind of unfair, and I will explain why.

Yeah Yeah Beebliss II

You play as either a male or female Chinese vampire and your goal is to zap as a certain number of enemies within the time limit. Both characters play essentially the same, one button for jump, and another for zap. The enemies will randomly drop power ups like time stop, more time and health. So far so good.

The problem comes in later levels, which can get complex and large vertically, with a large number of enemies and not all that long to do it. This is level 4, which is 15 enemies in 60 seconds. That’s one enemy every 4 seconds.

Yeah Yeah Beebliss II.

Notice the time I have left and the placement of the enemies. There is no possible way for me to complete the level. That’s because the enemy spawn is randomized each time, so you basically have to have them spawn optimally for the best route, otherwise, you’re spending all your time running across the level. Not only that, the power ups are also random. Maybe if the enemy spawn and power up drops were the same each time, the game would be doable as a single player game, but as it is, its almost unfair. There are unlimited continues, but what’s the point if you have to pray to the RNG gods.

However, 2 players might have an easier go of this, so skip unless you have a second person.

Overall: Yeah Yeah Beebliss 2 is the solution to a mystery that probably never should have been solved if this is the result.

Verdict: YMMV

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