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Shoot 1UP DX Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/15/2020
PublisherMommy’s Best Games
ESRB RatingE10+

Shoot 1UP takes me back… to 2010, it was my first Xbox indie game I bought and first one I reviewed. Shoot 1UP DX is that game expanded and remastered.

Shoot 1UP DX
This game is weird.

In Shoot 1UP DX, You play the Phalanx, the last hope against an alien horde. The phalanx is made up of multiple ships, you can have up to 30 at once. You get them by collecting 1UPs. They fly in formation. R to expand the formation. If wide enough, they shoot a mega beam. L contracts the formation to a “single ship” that makes it easier to avoid bullets. They also are shielded from bullets if you stop shooting. If a ship dies, it will explode, dealing damage in the blast radius.

Shoot 1UP DX
Really weird!

At the end of every level you fight a giant bullet hell boss, like Mega Lilith, the boss in the cover pic:

Shoot 1UP DX
She shoots bullets out her metal titties.

There are three difficulty levels, a chilled mode, where things are very easy, a normal mode where things turn into bullet hell, and Serious Mode, with longer levels and the greatest difficulty.

Shoot 1UP DX
Often you get a path choice, easy or difficult!

I loved Shoot 1UP back in 2010 and I love Shoot 1UP DX now. It’s a great bullet hell shooter and a must for any fan of it. There’s really not anything more to say! Get it!

Overall: Shoot 1UP DX is a mandatory bullet hell shooter.

Verdict: Must Play

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