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City Super Hero 3D Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/28/2022
PublisherNot listed
ESRB RatingE

City Super Hero 3D – Flying Legend Warriors Deluxe Simulator meets all the criteria for a bad game. SEO title? Check. Different title in game? Yes, it’s Secret Hero. Badly written marketing blurb? Check. No Publisher listed? Check. And yes, this is a bad game through and through.

City Super Hero 3D missions
It should be “save the hanging man.”

So you are this guy with superpowers. You can fly, run fast, create wind and four other things you’ll barely use. You are in a small city center and badly written mission directions will pop up and you’ll have to do them. They include saving the man hanging and dealing with “a building in fire”(written as it is in game).

Look at those amazing fire effects.

Most solutions are self-explanatory, use wind to put out the fire, beat up the enemies, or tap to save the man hanging. Sometimes, the answer is not so clear, like when you have to save people at a car accident and they just stand there doing a funny dance.

I think you’re supposed to heal them, not sure.

And when you fail a mission, you get this:

I don’t care.

When you complete missions, you get coins, which you use to upgrade your character, but they’re expensive. So the game expects you to do repetitive missions to build up enough coins to upgrade. No thanks, I’d rather play City of Heroes: Homecoming, the free resurrected version of City of Heroes, than any more of this insipid garbage. At least there, I feel like a real hero delivering justice and saving the day!

I tried to stop a bus. It worked, I guess.

In the end, City Super Hero 3D is another bottom of the barrel game that is not worth anyone’s time.

Overall: City Super Hero 3D is a game where you go from zero to… zero. The game is terrible, play City of Heroes instead.

Verdict: Garbage

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