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Space Commander Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/13/2021
ESRB RatingT

Space Commander: War and Trade is a pretty snazzy sandbox space RPG for ten dollars. I’ve actually downloaded several of these space RPGs for Switch, and never reviewed a single one because I usually don’t find them very interesting. Space Commander stands out because it’s in 3D and has real voice acting, I was shocked.

The game is quite pretty for its price!

The game play is pretty standard for games of this type. You’re a ship commander and you fight people and/or trade your way to riches. There are factions, a functioning economy and a variety of things to shoot, including large capital ships. You have a fleet of ships, all tailored to its specific task, like fighters or cargo ships. You can switch between them at any time.

Capital ships have multiple targets to destroy.

The game takes place in small zones mostly in flat planes, though there is some vertical to them. You travel between them on a system map. Traveling between them takes time. To go faster, use fuel. The faster you travel, the less chance of pirate attacks.

Dog fights are holding down the lock-on button and firing away.

If I’m not saying very much, it is because there is not much to say about Space Commander: War and Trade. This is standard budget space rpg, just in 3D with a few lines of voice acting. With that said, there is a pretty free-form game here to play. There is little hand-holding and you do what you want. Or, if you looking for more structure, there are other campaigns than the main one that provide it.

Unfortunately, space stations are just menus, but you can own them if you want.

For ten dollars, Space Commander is quite impressive. I’m not giving it a Must Play because it didn’t exactly wow me once the novelty of ten dollar 3D graphics worse. Still, if you’re a fan of these, you really can’t go wrong here.

Overall: Space Commander: War and Trade is a standard sandbox space RPG wrapped up in decent graphics, a lot of content, and a can’t beat price.

Verdict: Recommended!

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