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Floogen Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/21/22
PublisherRedDeer Games
ESRB RatingE

Floogen is an interesting concept. It is basically a platformer done in child-like claymation. The game was created using stop-motion animation, so it is certainly unique in that regard. The issue I have with it is that it’s just not that interesting to me. There’s almost nothing I haven’t seen before and done better elsewhere.

Certainly a very unique visual style.

So you play as one of three characters: thing with an axe, thing with a rapier, and thing with a bow. You start off as axe thing and unlock the other two in levels 2 and 3. You jump and attack your way through several stages of differing themes, like the forest and swamp level, or the mountain and ice cave level. However, each character has their own exit path, so you’ll be playing each stage three times. And along the way, you collect melons which restore health and act as currency for upgrades like health and more powerful attacks.

No excuse.

I was recommended Floogen by a fellow nindie reviewer. He said Floogen was good but had numerous bugs and visual issues. They seem to have been fixed in the year since release. What wasn’t fixed was the boring gameplay. It just isn’t exciting. Everything feels clunky and slow, as if they’re clay, which they are. It’s not broken; I just don’t find it entertaining. It is for this reason I am giving it a YMMV. I don’t like it, but you might love it. And there is a lot to like here. I’m just not feeling warm to it.

Overall: Floogen certainly has distinct visual style and flair. Unfortunately, the gameplay isn’t as distinctive, or very interesting.

Verdict: YMMV

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