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Shark Attack Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/2/23
PublisherVG Games
ESRB RatingT

Shark Attack: Fish Predator Ocean Sea Adventure Survival is a very simple game. You are a shark. You swim around eating fish and sea turtles. Everything you eat gets you coins which you use to buy better sharks. That’s it. That’s essentially the game. There’s a bit more to it though. There are three stats. The first is health, which continually decreases, but increases when you eat. Second is stamina, which is how long you can boost. Third is pressure, which governs how deep you can go. You if eat fish in succession, you get a combo bonus.

At least it is in 3D as advertised.

Now the flaws of Shark Attack. The controls are really weird. The left analog stick handles movement. The press forward on the stick to move forward. Right stick rotates you. It takes some getting used to. There is a bite button, but you never need to use it because you just run into fish and eat them automatically. There is a boost button, which does help, but its oddly placed on L. The ultimate flaw though, is that it is boring. You eat sea creatures, and that’s it. You can explore the area I guess, but there’s no reason to because there are no collectables or anything.There are no people to eat and no real danger to you other than not eating.

Not eating is your only real threat.

The Shark Attack game play loop is eat, get better shark, and go deeper. But the game is sleep inducing. Even the Endless Ocean games for the Wii, where you swim around and look at sea creatures, were far more interesting than this. I’m not going to give it a Garbage Verdict, because its not particularly broken, just boring. There should have, and could have been far more here. Ultimately, I’m disappointed.

Overall: Shark Attack could have been decent if a little more effort was put in. Instead, we have a boring game play loop with no excitement.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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