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Sniper Strike 3D Switch Game

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/16/23
PublisherVG Games
ESRB RatingT

Sniper Strike 3D – Secret elite mission warfare “GHOST SQUAD” is a budget sniper title. You are given various simple missions in a city location. The objective is to shoot the target or targets and move on. You can only really fail if they shoot you. But let’s back up.

I see you using the real Chase Logo and trying to hide it

You play a rather busty female sniper and are given 28 regular missions, plus a few other ones that are significantly harder. You start the mission and press ZR to bring up the sniper scope. Press ZL to steady your aim. Press ZR to shoot. In missions with a single target, you know you’ve won when a “bullet flying” animation plays of it hitting the target (sorry, no gore). Y gives thermal ammo which is helpful for hitting covered targets. X gives an explosive shot that can take out multiple targets at once. But in many missions with multiple targets, when you shoot one, the others will start firing at you. You also have a limited time to fire back or it’s game over.

Rag doll effects can be a little odd.

Sniper Strike 3D is cheaply made but better than you’d ordinarily think it would be. Some of the unlockable side missions can be complex and difficult, like shooting terrorists from a helicopter. Still, oddities abound. For instance, you can go from regular view to sniper scope, but not back again. The sniper rifles you can buy have worse statistics that the default one you start with. There are a set of “terrorist” missions, but they take place in the same city with the same stock targets. One shot and the enemies know exactly where you are and can hit you. The list goes on.

The most well-rendered asset in the game is this woman!

I am torn about Sniper Strike 3D. The game is playable and you can actually experience bouts of something approaching fun. The issue though, is it’s cheaply made and it shows. The marketing makes you think you’re a badass covert sniper. You are not. Still, there is merit to be had here. It will get a YMMV.

Overall: Sniper Strike 3D is a low-budget sniper game. The interesting thing is, it’s better than it has any right to be.

Verdict: YMMV

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