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Foxy’s Coin Hunt Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/4/23
ESRB RatingE

Foxy’s Coin Hunt is a cheap platforming game that wants to be Super Mario but is not. You play a fox. You go from left to right, jumping on porcupines instead of goombas, avoiding beetles instead of piranha plants, and jumping on turtles. You hit question mark blocks for coins, while an extra life costs one hundred. There are also watermelon pieces which act as health restores. Foxy can attack with a headbutt or fire a gun, and the gun requires bullets which can be found strewn about the levels.

Look at the care and love that went into this!

Foxy’s Coin Hunt is only three dollars and it shows. For one thing, it’s buggy, as shown in the screenshot above. Bugs and glitchy gameplay abound, the most prominent being the screwed-up UI in levels 1-4:

Someone was lazy, I think!

Despite the bugs, Foxy’s Coin Hunt is functional enough. It’s not too difficult, but the problem I found was a lack of motivation to keep playing. This is not Super Mario Brothers; plus, the game doesn’t scream that care went into it. It seems like a lazily made game, despite the marketing blurb’s assertion that you will explore “beautifully designed worlds that will delight players of all ages.” It does all the things a game of this type does, but with none of the charm. I can’t give it a Recommend, but I can’t give it a Not Recommended either. It’s just there. Maybe you’ll find more enjoyment out of this than I did.

Overall: Foxy’s Coin Hunt is 2D platformer that is very playable, but it lacks any charm or reason to play it for me. You might get some enjoyment.

Verdict: YMMV

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