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My Nintendo Switch: In Memorial

I bought a Nintendo switch in 2017. It lasted a little over a year before I spilled diet coke on it in Dec. 2018 and shorted it out. Then I went to Gamestop, but the guy in front of me bought the last used switch, so I had to buy a brand new one. It is precisely this Switch which has now, sadly, passed away. The cause? The connector pins on the motherboard side of the SD card reader came loose. While I will attempt a repair on Monday, the prognosis is grim. I must face reality. I have to buy another Nintendo Switch with perhaps a year to it, maybe less, until we get its successor.

There’s no other choice; this is a Nindies site. While I did do retro reviews for a bit, this is primarily a site dedicated to cheap and obscure Nintendo Switch games. A used one will be procured from Gamestop, which has a 7-day full refund policy, in the remote chance that I can revive the Switch for which we are gathered here today. But deep down inside, I know the truth. My Switch is gone, and it will never come back.

I cleaned the screen and put on its Hori Zelda Joycon.

The Great Sadness

It’s weird. I feel great sadness for this loss, despite it simply being an object. But it was the backbone of the Game Slush Pile. Every single Nindie I reviewed passed through it. Now, it is gone, and there is a hole in my heart where it once was. Regardless, I must move on. I must accept I have to spend another $300 to buy another one. I will move on; I will recover. Reviews will resume Tuesday.

But to the passed Switch, I will say this: we had hours upon hours of fun together over the years, and I will never forget that. Goodbye. May you rest in peace.

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