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Clustertruck Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/15/18
PublishertinyBuild Games
ESRB RatingE

Clustertruck is a five year old game, releasing in March of 2018 for the Switch. By now, it’d be firmly buried in the slush pile, but it was on sale, so I picked it up. I was glad I did. It’s really fun. Every level is like you are in some crazy action scene, where trucks are flipping and flying everywhere. In each level, you are at the back of a group of white tractor trailers inevitable headed towards their doom, well most of them. You goal is to jump and dash your over to the trucks that make it past, and through to the goal. Points are given based on tricks, speed and completion. These points are them used to unlock abilities, like double jump and air dash.


Early on in Clustertruck, you can cheese your way through by standing on one truck. Quickly you’ll find that you can’t, and that’s where the fun is. I had the most fun jumping my way through truck pile-ups and hopefully make to it a truck on its way to the goal. The only issue you’ll run into is you have to look around in a split second to orient yourself to make it through. But practice makes perfect! Some levels were sheer adrenaline rushes and I had to take a break and calm down.

There are Halloween(and Holiday) themed levels .

Clustertruck isn’t a technical marvel. They probably went with only white tractor trailers to save money on assets. Still, it is fun to play and I enjoyed my time with it. Some times I really did feel like an action star, and its the rare game that gave me that feeling.

Overall: Clustertruck is not pretty to look at, but its incredibly fun to play. It made me feel like an action star!

Verdict: Recommended

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