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Princess Maker Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date12/23/19
ESRB RatingT

Princess Maker(some abbreviated PM) on the switch is the third entry in five entry franchise. This series of games is relatively unknown outside of Japan, and for good reason. It is ummm… perverted. Lets take PM 2, of which there was a English bootleg floating around the net. You can have your daughter take part in an orgy of the dammed and become the Princess of Darkness. There was also the undress… which… excuse me while I vomit…. Ok I’m back now. Lets move on. You can become the princess of Darkness in PM 3, along with becoming a demon. The perverseness is also present, because the game tracks your daughter’s measurements, starting at age 10:


There’s also a disturbing exchange when her boobs get huge…

I’ll be in the shower if you need me!

Basically Princess Maker is where you control your daughter’s destiny. You do this mainly through classes and jobs. These raise and lower stats. Jobs give you money. Stats are anything from Charm and Elegance, to intelligence and morality, to stamina and vitality. There are also specific events you’ll have to trigger if you want specific endings. Classes range from cooking, to art, to church. Jobs range from nursery, to carpenter, to working at a hostess bar. There is also stress meter, which you’ll have to manage. Your daughter will get sick if her stress is higher than her stamina. You can lower stress with a day off, or taking a vacation.

Why are they accentuating her boobs???!!!

This version of Princess Maker is nothing but setting her schedule and executing it. There are some choices you’ll have to make, like what to buy from a traveling merchant, or entering beauty competitions. But otherwise, its set and watch. I played through one game for this review, and can you guess what I made her?

Damn Right!

Yes, I stashed her at church a lot and turned her into a nun by maxing out her morality. If I feel like going back, I may shoot for making her an actual princess, or the princess of darkness. Really the choice is yours, you shape her destiny. But honestly, I feel like I can’t fully recommended Princess Maker. The game play is simplistic and certain aspects make me want to take a shower after I’m done. Yes, I review nudie games on this site, but none of them have you tracking the bust measurements of a 10-year-olds. This was not a series aimed at girls, but rather Japanese perverts, and it shows. So, I’m giving it a YMMV.

Overall: Princess Maker is a creepy game. If you can put up with it, you might find some fun corrupting your daughter. But that’s about it.

Verdict: YMMV

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