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Super Drunken Guy

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/9/23
PublisherNerdvision Games
ESRB RatingT

Super Drunken Guy is a Mario-style platformer where your goal is to collect beer bottles. They add to your score, and can be used to defeat enemies, which is critical in later levels. Collecting bottles also makes the screen blurrier until its very hard to see. Fortunately, you might pick up a water bottle, which resets the screen. You can jump and throw the bottles with Y.

The levels start off easy enough in Super Drunken Guy, and get harder over time. And by harder, I mean cheaper, with bad enemy placement and stupidly tricky jumps. This isn’t Mario. I doubt anyone on the development team even made a level in Mario Maker. Yes the concept is decent enough. But honestly, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to collect the bottles outside of throwing them. You have infinite lives, so it doesn’t matter if you die fifty times in one area. You don’t lose your bottles or much of your score.

I don’t know what verdict to give Super Drunken Guy. As I said, the concept is decent, but i don’t think its implemented well. Plus I think the level design is lousy. I’d give it a YMMV, but I’m sure you’d enjoy it much either. It is ultimately pointless. So it’ll get a Not Recommended.

Overall: Getting actually drunk is probably more fun than getting fake drunk in Super Drunken Guy!

Verdict: Not Recommended

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