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Raccoon Adventure Switch Review

Raccoon Adventure: Animal City Simulator 3D Farm Super Deluxe is a ripoff of an online game called Racoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D. In that game you play a racoon and go around the city completing quests and upgrading your home. In this game, by Dezvolt Game, you walk around and get mauled by wolves. It is not even remotely as fun. Not that City Simulator was great, but better than Animal City Simulator 3D. You can see the difference in the two screen shots below. One has a defined style and a helpful UI, the other one does not. I’ll leave you to guess which is which.

The Original
The Ripoff

In Racoon Adventure: Animal City Simulator, you are a raccoon. You start off in your home, walk out, and get mauled by wolves, and die in one hit despite a health bar. If by any chance you sneak past them, you can find food for foxes, or something, I never found the food, and got stuck. They provide a radar, which is near useless and doesn’t define what anything is. The radar in City Simulator 3D does define what stuff is, and is therefore very helpful.

I never could get to the yellow spot.

It has been rumored that Dezvolt Games is actually Midnight Works, the premiere scam developer on the Switch. Wouldn’t surprise me since they MO is the same, lying screen shots, indulgent e-shop text, bottom barrel game play. Raccoon Adventure: Animal City Simulator is one of the worst cases I’ve seen. They didn’t even pretend to be original, just added “animal” to the title and expected you to click buy. But here’s the thing, Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D is free to play, this is not. If you want a mediocre game to play as a raccoon in, you know which to get.

Overall: Raccoon Adventure: Animal City Simulator 3d is a ripoff of a free computer game with a very similar title. Go play that game instead.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/28/23
PublisherDezvolt Games
ESRB RatingE10+

P.S. Raccoon Adventure is not to be confused with Wolf Simulator, which is equally bad.

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