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Organ Trail Complete Edition Switch Review

After reviewing The Oregon Trail, a classic game about survival, last year, I wanted to play Organ Trail. It is a delightful riff on the classic formula where you and four buddies try to make it across the United States in a station wagon. I had played it on mobile years ago, and enjoyed it. I was a saddened that it was not on the Switch at the time. It is now on the Switch in the Complete Edition, which comes with a whole boatload of extra content. The game is a large and complex, so I’m not going to explain it all, but hit the highlights.

There are two main modes of play in Organ Trail Complete Edition, Classic and Endless. In Classic, your goal is to make it from Washington DC across the United States to the Safe Haven. Along the way, you’ll hit famous cities and other landmarks, often choosing a differing path. For example, there are radioactive zones, which could provide a short cut, but everyone will get radiation sickness, which will eventually kill you. In towns, you can buy supplies, repair and upgrade you car, and take jobs that provide supplies. The jobs come in 4 varieties, with all but the bandits being pretty easy. Traveling between points means random events that will either help or hurt you. This occur pretty frequently. Your party and transportation will also decrease in quality over time.

The organ trail has dysentery!

Next in the Organ Trail is Endless Mode. In this mode you go from random town to random town trying to make it as far as possible, as fast as possible. Points are decreased with each hour you rest. Now, in the mode there are 32 skulls. These are unlocked via certain criteria, like killing 50 zombies. These skulls unlock new opening loadouts and modifiers, like sleeping restores more health. Honestly, I found this mode much easier than classic, but trust me, that’s not saying much, the game will still kick your ass.

The Organ Trail Shooting
I find the shotgun the most useful gun.

The Organ Trail: A lesson in Survival

Like the Oregon Trail, the Organ Trail Complete Edition is ultimately a game about survival. While the former was a history lesson, the Organ Trail is about how in the Zombie Apocalypse, you’re going to die. That is also the lesson of Project Zomboid, but this is a lot more accessible than that game is(I own it too). But make no mistake, you will die. Your companions will turn into zombies, Your car will break down. You will be fighting biker gangs. You will have to scavenge for food and supplies low on ammo with a zombie horde approaching. I never made it very far before I died in Classic. Remember, your companions can die and you continue on. If you die, its game over. It is brutal, but in a beautiful way!

The Organ Trail Biker Gangs

Organ Trail Complete Edition is a magnificent package. It contains tons of unlockables and achievements, plus “Clement’s Story.” It also adds co-op play. The charming retro graphics, which are reminiscent of the Apple IIe, are intact here and give the game a great sense of style, The great soundtrack also remain(yes, you want to keep the sound on). So, I was hoping Organ Trail was coming to Switch, and now that it is on Switch, I couldn’t be happier. Let the zombie apocalypse commence!

Overall: Organ Trail Complete Edition is a lesson that in the zombie apocalypse, you’re probably going to die.

The Organ Trail: Verdict
Should have named myself Mordie. Oh well!

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/10/23
PublisherThe Men Who Wear Many Hats
ESRB RatingT
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