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Unidentified Falling Objects Switch Review

Unidentified Falling Objects is a cross between a puzzler and a platformer. You stand on a bunch of colored blocked. Blocks fall from above. You kick the blocks until they hit a wall or another block. Then you shoot like colored blocks in combos. You get stars that level you up and points as well. Powerups will also drop, they are activated when shot as part of a combo. There are also hazard blocks, like spikes, turrets and rockets. They are destroyed as part of a combo as well. You have two lives. If you lose one, you get it back on level up.

I’ll be honest, I’m terrible at Unidentified Falling Objects. But I suck in the “I need to get good” sense, not “the game is unfair and hard.” I need to get good because there is a lot here. Every level has challenges to meet that unlock cubes to get new equipment, that has a marked effect on game play. For example, there is a punch weapon that easily destroys blocks, but has a really short range. Also combos of 10 of higher give you a diamond, which are used to unlock new levels. There is also a ship a walk around in and see collected trophies.

Unidentified Falling Objects is a good game. Its inventive. Its fun. A lot of work went into this. While this review won’t get tons of hits, games like this make me happy and want to review more. Shovelware makes me want to review less. While Unidentified Falling Objects will not get a Must Play. It’s a definite recommend.

Overall: Unidentified Falling Objects is a great mix of puzzling and platforming. I’m terrible at it, just need to get better.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/9/23
PublisherGearbox Publishing
ESRB RatingE10+
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