Love Kuesuto Switch Review

Love Kuesuto(quest) is a weird game. You are a ninety-five year old man who dies. Then Aphrodite pops up and asks you to solve the love crisis by going back and solving every mistake in your five marriages and various other female relationships. There’s also God and the Devil, two curvaceous women. You’ll either go to heaven or hell based on the outcome.

Love Kuesuto God and The Devil

How Love Kuesuto plays out is one four of play boards, red, green, blue and yellow. You walk from space to space answering one of four questions. The question depends on what card you pick. Aphrodite will then ask you a relationship question. Like “You’re fighting with you wife over the dishes. What do you do?” And then you pick an answer. You get a certain number of points depending on your answer. Also, depending on your answer, you may get a devil or god point. Artwork is also occasionally unlocked. Complete all four boards and go through the final door to get one of five endings. That’s Love Kuesuto.

Love Kuesuto Red Board

The issue with Love Kuesuto is that it is absolutely boring. There’s no real struggle or complications. Just answer questions and get points. The questions can be interesting and thought provoking at times, but the points payouts are weird. For example, there was a question about you not liking your mother weaning you off breast feeding. I choose “refuse the bottle and cry.” I got a measly payout, despite seeing babies throw tantrums and cry because they no longer got the boob. I’m often not sure what the developers are looking for in the answers.

In the end, Love Kuesuto is not bad. I wouldn’t consider it that good either. It’s just there, a minorly amusing time waster, but nothing more. Therefore, I’ll give Love Kuesuto a YMMV.

Overall: Love Kuesuto is a game about relationships, but falls flats because its not engaging.

Verdict: YMMV

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/29/23
PublisherRatalaika Games
ESRB RatingM
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