OnlyUp! Switch Game Review

Only Up! was a viral Steam hit. It was game about climbing up objects to see how far you get. Then in strange move, the developer removed it from Steam because “he couldn’t take it,” or something. Almost immediately, a scam game appeared in its place. And now a scam version called Onlyup!(no space) has arrived on the Switch E-Shop(the steam game has also arrived under a different name published by Midnight Works). How is OnlyUp!? Well, it sucks, but you kinda already knew that going in. A quick cash grab to make some dough off the clueless. But if you read the E-Shop Description, it sounds fishy.

The game doesn`t forgive any mistakes. If you fall down, you start from the beginning. So you have to be careful and make right decisions that you minimize risks of the fall down


So anyway, you play this dude in a Hawaiian Shirt in a cove:

Your goal in Onlyup! is to climb your way up a variety of floating objects to reach a black hole. There are multiple paths you can take. Good luck though, cause the climbing mechanics are awful and bugs abound.

I mean you can climb, grab ledges, even wall run, but its borderline broken. You may fall from anything. Fall in the water and you automatically zap back to land. You will get to a helicopter that you can’t cross, or a dead end direction. Or you might get stuck on level geometry:

Onlyup! Stuck on level geometry

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but trust me when I say OnlyUp! is absolutely no fun. Because everything is so shoddy and poorly done, there’s no drive to learn and continue and get higher. Don’t buy OnlyUp! also because you’d be incentivizing scammers into creating crap like this. Only Up!(the real one) was a labor of love and a learning experience. This is nothing but a soulless cash grab. The developers should be ashamed of themselves, buy they’re not, because they’re probably laughing all the way to the bank.

Overall: Onlyup! is nothing but a soulless cash grab meant to fool people into thinking it was another, better game.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/10/23
ESRB RatingE
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