Girl Dress Up Classic Switch Game Review

Girl Dress Up Classic is not made for me. It is made for girls. However, I am reviewing it today to make a point. Girls deserve better than this. Games for girls are notoriously low budget, slapped together garbage. On the upper end, you have the recent Fashion Dreamer, which got mixed reviews, but is a cut above the usual swill girls get. On the bottom end, you have Girl Dress Up Classic, which isn’t really a game at all. Its one screen, pick the dress, eye color, hair, glasses and shoes. That’s all you do. No background changes, no pose changes, nothing.

Girl Dress Up Classic

The audio in Girl Dress Up Classic consists of a cheery song with an absolutely bored Eastern European sounding woman providing a voice over. Let this video demonstrate:

There’s no game here. There is no point to this. Granted, this is scam-game garbage where even the boys games are bad. But if you really think about, can you name a great girl-centric game not called the Sims or made by Syn Sophia? I’ll wait, bet you can’t, and that’s kind of the point here. Girls deserve better than the garbage they usually have to play. I have two nieces. Do they play games for girls? No, they played Minecraft for years. They actually have great tastes in games. And I’m sure if presented with “girl games” they’d hold their nose and push them off. Last month, I gave them both the opportunity to take one of my physical games for the Switch. The Older picked Resident Evil 4(loves horror games), the younger took Wild Guns: Reloaded(also a splendid pick).

Girl Dress Up Classic

Girl Dress Up Classic is an awful game. If you have a girl, don’t give her this, otherwise she’ll hate you.

Overall: Girl Dress Up Classic is what generally passes for girl games, completely pointless crap.

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/16/23
PublisherArtem Kritinin
ESRB RatingE

PS. Try Mermaid Story for a passable game for little girls.

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