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Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/29/2022
PublisherArtifex Mundi
ESRB RatingE10+

Polish publisher Artifex Mundi is known for making hidden object adventure games. Unfortunately, they do not get the spotlight they deserve, because their products, while for a casual market, are decent for what they are. I remember Artifex when they first came on the scene years ago on Android, and they were decent even then. They’ve come a long way in the meantime.

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom(henceforth known as LGSK) is their latest for Nintendo Switch, released last April. It is a story of a young alchemist who comes home to her mansion to find herself in a plot involving your “dead parents”, evil uncle and the king. Don’t except award winning tales, but they are told very well, with full voice acting(of various quality) and full cut scenes.

Game play in LGSK is standard for Artifex Mundi. You are given several rooms to interact with at one time(usually two-four). There are objects in these rooms you can zoom in and interact with, usually requiring the use of an inventory item found in that area. For example, if there is a locked chest, there is a key, usually hidden inside something else. Objects of interest will usually glow, indicating there is something there to see.

In every area, there are one of more hidden object sections. In early Artifex games, it was simply find all the hidden objects. Now its find all the objects in the picture to solve a larger puzzle. Some objects may be hidden inside other objects or require the use of another object to open.

There may also be other puzzles, which can be skipped, that involve sliding letters around, fidgeting with dials ect.

This game’s hook involves making potions, which involve finding ingredients according to the recipe in the potion book and solving a simple puzzle. They potion is then used in the environment to proceed. Its nothing special but it does immerse you in being an alchemist.

Artifex Mundi has their game formula down to a science. You buy an Artifex Mundi hidden object game, you know what you are getting. And what you get is a casual adventure that is good to waste a few hours on. You won’t ever find these on mainstream review sites, but they’re there if this is your cup of tea. LGSK is an a example of Artifex’s formula at its best.

Overall: A hidden object adventure that is worth your time if you like these sorts of games.

Verdict: Recommended

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P.S. Play this game’s sequel too!

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