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Otoko Cross Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/22/22
ESRB RatingM

There is a series of games released by EastAsiaSoft called Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire. In it, you play Mahjong Solitaire, and if you win, anime girls dress up in sexy outfits. Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire is the femboy version of this series. Where you play Mahjong Solitaire and if you win, femboys cross dress in female outfits. Yeah…

Otoko Cross

So the image about is all you need to see to get the point of Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire. You play Mahjong Solitaire, picking up pairs of tiles to clear the board. If you win, the femboy wears a sexy outfit. There is also a rocking smooth jazz soundtrack.

That’s it. Review over. Go home. Unless you’re a homosexual male who likes femboys, in which case you probably want to buy this. Link below.

Overall: Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire is femboy Mahjong Solitaire. That’s it.

Verdict: YMMV

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P.S. If you’re a heterosexual male, try Pretty Girls Tile Match!

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