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Pretty Girls Tile Match Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/6/23
ESRB RatingT

I had a stunning revelation a few weeks ago while playing the Pretty Girls Collections I now own. I, a forty-year-old man, love anime titties! This occurred because I spent 3 days dutifully unlocking the nudity. Therefore, I guess I enjoy the Pretty Girls titles, which are all about anime boobs. If you play a Pretty Girls game, you are playing for the boobs, let’s be honest. Pretty Girls Tile Match is another in the series and is pretty standard: Play the game to unlock point to unlock outfits to ogle the boobs.

Stare at the giant honkers!

The game in Pretty Girls Tile Match is the mahjong variation found Mythology Waifus Mahjong, You are picking three matching tiles. You can pick any tile that is uncovered. At the bottom you have a queue of up to seven tiles. If it fills and there are no matches or no helper actions, its game over. The helper actions range from shuffling the tiles to holding tiles for later. There are 120 levels, twice as many as Mythology Waifus Mahjong,

Honestly, I enjoyed the game play in Pretty Girls Title Match more than Mythology Waifus, because there is no hard time limit here like there is there. Sure there’s that meter, but it governs how long to take a single move, not how long until game over. Yes, this is a Pretty Girls title, but the game is solid and you’re not staring at ugly pixelated woman. I’ll give this a Recommended.

Overall: Pretty Girls Tile Match is a Pretty Girls game, but one of the better entries, with a solid game at its core.

Verdict: Recommended

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