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Japanese Escape Games The Mansion of Tricks Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/15/2022
ESRB RatingE

Nearly 30 years ago, Cyan Worlds released Myst, a game so popular its still being remade. It pioneered the Slideshow with Puzzles genre. Where you walk around environments with a notebook, taking down any code you see, and solve dial and padlock puzzles with them. There may also be some light inventory puzzles too.

Gotta pay homage to the classics.

The escape room is a sub-genre of Slideshow with Puzzles genre. However, where Myst put you in interesting worlds to explore, the escape room genre puts you in… a room. Your job is to get out of the room by solving puzzles to open the door.

The Japanese Escape Games series are multi-room escape games. The Mansion of Tricks, the ninth in the series, puts you in a drab mansion and says, good luck!

Feel the excitement!

So what do you do in the mansion. You walk around, copying down anything that looks interesting, and use what you wrote down to proceed to the next puzzle. The solution to a puzzle is the answer to another puzzle.

Myst is a classic
Gotta give the marketing department credit, this is a provided screenshot, and has a sense of humor(not its not the solution).

The graphics feel at home with original 1993 Myst. The music is the a ten second loop(turn the music down when playing). Otherwise, its ok. If you like escape games, you honestly can’t go wrong here.

Unlike other switch series, where one is enough, I will be reviewing more of these, like the Fortress Prison one. Myst was also released on Switch… and its only $19.99…

Overall: Turn the annoying music off and you have decent and fairly long escape game.

Verdict: Recommended

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