Adventure Escape Room Bundle Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/27/23
PublisherM9 Games
ESRB RatingsE-T

Adventure Escape Room Bundle is comprised of 4 separate games: Sotano, Vereda, Alumni and Subnet, released in that order. They were made by one guy, and they are quite good. They get more advanced with each offering. Unlike most escape room games, these actually have have stories to them, ranging from you are stuck in a house in Sotano, to your need to defeat evil hackers in Subnet. The game play in all 4 is essentially the same. You’ll be stuck in area. There is a keypad, decipher a complex series to figure it out, and move on. There is also some light inventory puzzles, but those never get too difficult.

I have extensively played two out of the four, Subnet and Alumni and lightly touched Vereda and Sotano. I will give real reviews of the first two.

SUBNET – Escape Room Adventure


This is not a puzzle solution, but knowing these games, it could be.

Subnet is the latest game in the series, and probably the most complex and advanced of the four. You play an agent tasked with defeating hackers holed up deep in the subway. Unlike the others, there is areal story progression here. I won’t spoil, but things actually happen in this game. There is also voice acting, including your contact, and computerized assistant in an earbud. The puzzles in Subnet border on the obtuse, often leading me to wonder, how was I supposed to get that from those clues? So Subnet is pretty difficult, but in a good way. Overall, I think this the best of the four due to the advancements made in storytelling.

ALUMNI – Escape Room Adventure

Alumni has a real sense of place

Alumi was released in late 2022. In in your play a scientist who drinks coffee with some weird serum mixed in, and gets transported back in time to college, or something. There’s really not much story in this one. The puzzles are much less obtuse though, just you’ll be writing a whole lot of stuff down. I did like this one a lot though, the college is more interesting than is much more interesting than dingy back alley and subway platform 5. I was going to review this months ago, but never got around to it for whatever reason.

Sotano and Vereda

Vereda takes place in a warehouse… zzz…

Vereda takes places in a warehouse, one of the most boring locations imaginable. I skipped out after discovering that. I never got out of the first room in Sotano. The puzzle was obtuse and a walkthrough was oddly not helpful.


Should you buy the bundle for $19.99 or a few individually? I’d get the bundle. I never got very far in Sotano and Vereda, but the point of the game are the puzzles, and all four have puzzles in detailed environments. Subnet and Alumni are the stars, but the other two seem to be solid.

Overall: Even if some of the games are better than others, Adventure Escape Room bundle is definitely worth the price, especially for Subnet and Alumni.

Verdict: Recommended

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