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3D Air Hockey Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/14/21
PublisherPix Arts
ESRB RatingsE

3D Air Hockey bills itself as a “very close to reality Air Hockey Game.” It is not. Why? Observe:

3D Air Hockey Switch Review
Its stuck there, won’t respawn on the table. So I had to quit and reset.

There are six tables, the green one is broken. There are 4 paddles each stronger that the last, but why pick anything but the strongest is beyond me. There are 3 difficulty modes, the first two are pushovers, the third is tougher but still can be beaten easily.

3D Air Hockey bills itself as having a “Real Physic Engine.” It is not real physics. The physics are wonky and often make no sense, like I’ll own goal myself for no reason. Sometimes the points comes out of nowhere, because you just have to touch the hole hit box, not actually go in. The touch screen is not calibrated here, because I don’t even need to be touching the puck to move it.

3D Air Hockey Switch Review
I own goaled myself 3/5 points.

There is a two player mode. But why bother? This game is plain old bad. There are other air hockey games on the Switch, and I bet they’re better.

Overall: 3D Air Hockey is terrible. Don’t play it.

Verdict: Garbage

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