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Treasures of the Roman Empire Switch Review

Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date9/29/22
Publisher7 Raven Studios
ESRB RatingE10+

Treasures of the Roman Empire is an hidden object game of sorts. In each scene you have a certain number of gems, coins and necklaces to get. However, you usually have to click another object, like a random guy or a random box to get. There may even be a simple puzzle to solve.

So in the above prison scene, click the red barrel. It will blow, revealing a crack. Click the crack to get a key, use the key to open the upper right door(the only one it will open). Then, see the handle on the bottom of the bed, click it. It will move the bed, which reveals a pickax. Use the pickax on the stone in the other prison cell. It will drop a gem into the bottom room to pick up. Then, to get a coin, click the obscured prisoner at the bottom, the one with the chain attached. Why? I don’t know.

Now, see the x = 70. You have 70 clicks or the stage restarts. It would be fine in a regular hidden object game, but not here, where you have to click anything and everything, sometimes multiple times. This means you have to restart over and over.

Click the bread basket in the upper room to get a coin.

But wait, there’s more. You move around the scene and click on objects with a cursor, that moves really slowly. Treasures of the Roman Empire was a PC game first, which they ported over. The fact that they didn’t bother allowing you to use the touch screen, is just pure laziness. There’s also a magnifying glass you can use, but it won’t tell you there’s a gem in the bread basket.

Finally, there are 31 levels in Treasures of the Roman Empire, very few of them contain famous Roman buildings, and those that do come towards the end of the game. So most of the game is clicking random stuff in random scenes of Roman life and honestly, its rather boring. Supposedly there are mazes and match 3 puzzles later, but I’m not going to sit through a snooze fest to get there.

There’s only one user review on steam. I guess everyone else steered clear. You should as well.

Overall: Treasures of Roman Empire on Switch is a lazy port of a boring, nonsensical game.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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