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I Love Finding More Pups Collector’s Edition Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/22/22
Publisher:Ocean Media
ESRB Rating E

Within the Hidden Object Genre, there are two sub-genres, the hidden object adventure game and this, the straight hidden object game. Published by Croatian studio Ocean Media LLC and Developed by Tiny Little Lion, this is a one of a series of hidden object games released by Ocean Media for the Switch. And honestly, its pretty good for a hidden object game.

Look at all those cute puppies. Aww :3

Above is the main mode of play. In each stage, you have 18 objects to find, split between 2 screens. There are sixteen dogs to find, and 3 morphing butterflies. You can zoom for a closer look with the L and R buttons, and with ZR button, a magnifying glass pops out for uber clarity. Press Y for hints, but note, use too many, you won’t get a hint bonus during scoring.

Thank god you can skip. I HATE sliding tile puzzles.

After the hidden object section. You get a “spot the difference” puzzle and then a variation on the sliding tile puzzle. These are entirely optional, but are fun in an of themselves. These are scored too.

Outside the puzzles, the puppies you find add “adoption points” that are used to unlock cute puppy pictures. The butterflies are used to unlock butterfly pictures.

But wait… there’s more!

The collector’s edition adds six bonus puzzles to play and even pictures of the developer’s dogs. There’s even an “I love America” section with two more bonus puzzles.

For $10 there’s a decent hidden object game here and I’m sure the other Ocean Media titles are similar and packed with hidden object goodness. Can’t go wrong here if you like hidden object games.

Overall: Great game if you love cute puppies(and hidden object games).

Verdict: Recommended

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