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Gigapocalypse Switch Review

Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date8/4/2022
PublisherHeadup Games
ESRB RatingE10+

Gigapocalypse is a Kaiju game where you stomp through cities, destroying them, die, upgrade, and then repeat. You have a choice of multiple Kaiju to choose from, I chose the Ice kaiju, Azurath. Anyways. you start in a lab, destroy it easily, and as you approach a time portal, the villain turns you into a baby kaiju as you get sucked in.


Then Gigapocalypse really begins. You stomp through a level, destroying it by pointing where to destroy, clicking your skills, then dying. Dying levels you up, getting mutagen points and give you skill points to spend leveling up your skills. Mutagen points are used to empower your monster directly, as well as your various pets, and buy decor.

Aww, look, the baby kaiju made a poopy.

On the screen above, you can pet, feed, clean up after and add decor. The former give mutagen points, decor gives bonuses. This will get you farther in the level.

He makes you do math!

At the end of the level, you fight a boss, like the one above. Kill them, and you move on to the next level. The game play loop, honestly, is more mindless than the similar loop found in Funtasia. Except for the boss making you do math, you just point and use your skills. There’s not really any skill involved here. Its all in mutating and leveling up. Honestly, Gigapocalypse seems a mobile game, even though it is not.

There’s supposed to be a UI here.

Even more disappointing are the bugs in Gigapocalypse. Above was my first play through, where the UI went out on the tutorial level and the game just stopped when I reached the end. Then this morning, I loaded up the game, and none of the buttons on menu screen did anything, so I couldn’t even start the game.

In the end, this game is disappointing to me. Its good for what it is, just seems like it could have been a lot more than what is. Therefore, it’ll get a YMMV.

Overall: Mindless Kaiju stomping left me disappointed.

Verdict: YMMV

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