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Funtasia Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/29/22
PublisherFreedom Games
ESRB RatingE10+
Funtasia Switch Review

Once upon a time there was the eco hippie planet that never heard of garbage, and the polluted greedy industrialist planet. The industrialist planet ran out of room to store garbage, so they sent the garbage into space. Space rays turned the garbage into monsters, and they landed on the eco hippie planet. All hope was lost until a furry scientist developed zero emission EVs that would save the planet. I’m serious, that’s the story. Granted, I embellished somewhat, but the environmentalist messaging is quite blatant in Funtasia. I could get into the propaganda here, but that’s a discussion for a different kind of blog.

Funtasia Switch Review

Funtasia is essentially Trials with psychedelic furries. You gain momentum going down hills and lose it going up hills, plus you must stabilize your EV going over jumps. In lieu of checkpoints, you have your ever depleting EV battery and you must collect recharging pickups to continue. It even shows them on the upper map. You collect trinkets that can be spent to upgrade your EV in one of four areas, Engine, Traction, Suspension and Wheels. This will allow you to get farther and complete the level.

Funtasia Switch Review

Once you complete the level, you face a boss, where you collect rainbow thingys which release love or something, and takes off a bit of health form the boss when you collect two. Once their life bar is depleted, they die. Then you go onto the next level. Upgrades only apply to the current level and cannot be transferred.

Funtasia Switch Review

Blatant environmentalist propaganda aside, the game is pretty good. The game can be challenging, but its fair, and upgrade trinkets come in steady supply so you’re not stuck for long. Therefore, I recommend Funtasia, theme aside.

Overall: With Funtasia, Ignore the message, enjoy the ride!

Verdict: Recommended

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