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Marble Parkour Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/17/2021
PublisherUltimate Games
ESRB RatingE
This is not Marble Parkour, though I wish it was.

Marble Parkour reminds me of the classic Marble Madness. Like Marble Madness, you a guiding a marble through a level to the end, all while avoiding falling off and avoiding traps. Unlike the Marble Madness, this game is in 3D with an absolutely horrendous camera. Unlike Marble Madness, there is no time limit. Take your time, there is no score to beat. One minute, ten minutes, who cares. There are checkpoints, but they only save your progress, so if you fall off, and you will, you can restart from that point.

Marble Parkour
This is Marble Parkour. Pictured: Me falling off the stage due to the horrible camera.

So in each level, you roll your marble, you can also jump, and “blast,” which honestly doesn’t do much. The traps range from bumpers, to tornadoes to mines. There are cannons you can blast out of, and a para-glider you can fly(I’m serious). There also different kinds of floors, including an ice floor and a sticky floor. There also power-ups like mega boost, mega jump, floor flip and size change.

Marble Parkour
Good luck with bumpers and an ice floor. This is an “easy” level btw.

Each level is designed around a particular theme, like bumpers, sticky floors or tornadoes. The levels are labeled, easy, medium, and hard, but there’s no reason to the labeling. A medium level can be really easy, an easy level can be hard. The levels are also mixed together so you go medium easy, easy, hard, medium.

Marble Parkour
I have no idea what’s going on here. They’ve could’ve picked a better texture for the sticky floors.

Honestly, this game would be passable if it weren’t for the horrendous camera, which refuses to focus on you and if you’re on a loop or twisting floor, good luck.

Finally, there are quite a bit levels for you to master for a high score(though there is no global leader board, not that there are enough people who probably played Marble Parkour to fill one out). There are nine marble textures to choose for as well. The camera is disappointing, because overall, there would be a passable game here, albeit very low budget.

Overall: Marble Parkour could’ve been passable with a little polish and a far better camera.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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P.S. Try Stack Tower for something completely different! Try Idea for bouncing “a marble” around a map.

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