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Wizorb Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/6/2022
PublisherTribute Games
ESRB RatingE10+

Wizorb bills itself as all new, it is not. It was originally an Xbox Indie game released in 2011. I know because I reviewed back when I had my Xbox Indie review site. I gave it a must play rating then, and I’ll give it one now, because it is still the same fun breakout action with spells it was then.


You play a wizard who turns into a magic wand. You bounce an orb around the screen breaking blocks and hitting enemies. What sets Wizorb apart are the spells you can do, The two main ones are fireball, which breaks blocks, and alter spell which blows around. When you die, you get the option of teleporting the ball anywhere on screen, which is helpful. All this is done with your magic bar, so use wisely, red vials don’t restore much.


You also get coins, which are spent two ways. First there are the occasional shops that sell lives and magic vials that restore the completely. Then there is the village above, where you donate money to rebuild it in exchange for gifts.

There are bosses levels too, ala Araknoid.

In the end, Wizorb is still the same fun breakout game it was in 2011 and is worth your time if you like this kind of thing.

Overall: Wizorb is still the same fun game it was when it released on Xbox Indies years ago.

Verdict: Must Play

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