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Him & Her Collection Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/23/2022
PublisherQubyte Interactive
ESRB RatingE

in Him & Her, you see your love. You have to get to your love. Easy? Well no. You might see you love on another platform upside down and you have to figure out how to get there.

Him & Her Collection
Go around!

When you walk over an edge the entire level shifts orientation to you standing upright. This does not happen when you jump, as you fall straight down regardless of the orientation. Blocking your path are deadly spikes. Also present are warps, swinging blocks and levers to pull. There are also difficulty levels, easy and hard. Easy gives you access to a zoomed out map that you access by pressing X. Hard mode does not. Otherwise you are playing the same set of puzzles.

Him & Her Collection Switch Review
There are buttons too!

The game is a collection of Him & Her(he meets her), her challenges(she meets him) and Him & Her 3(more she meets him). There is a lot of game for your money. Its even funnier that the individual games are more expensive than this entire collection! I guess the publisher wants to buy the collection.

Him & Her Collection Switch  Review
I’m stuck!

The only disappointing thing here are the bugs, like being stuck under the draw bridge above. Or I jump off and sail right into the floor. Or when I select H&H 3, the game jumps to the first game’s menu, then freezes. This a collection, so some of the bugs should have been ironed out.

Him & Her Collection Switch  Review
Lot of game here.

In the end, you get three games full of mind bending puzzles. While the bugs are disappointing, they are a relatively minor annoyance to be honest.

Overall: Him & Her Collection is extremely cute platforming puzzle fun for a great price.

Verdict: Recommended

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