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The Seven Chambers Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/15/2021
PublisherOcean Media
ESRB RatingT

I’d like you to familiarize yourself with my Lost Grimoires review from a few weeks ago. I’m referring to it here as it and The Seven Chambers are very similar to each other in design and playstyle. The only real difference is Seven Chambers has no hidden object section, and Lost Grimoires makes a ton more sense.

In Seven Chambers, you are this girl, Elasaid, who gets blown up by a Molotov cocktail and is a coma. Guided from her hospital room by her mother, she must navigate the seven chambers and get to the last one to come out of it. There’s also a past life where she was a highland warrior and this magic book… and a past lover named Hamish.

The Seven Chambers Switch Review
If the description sounds muddled, that’s because the game makes little sense.

Lost Grimoires made a whole lot more sense. You were an alchemist who uses alchemy to save the kingdom from your evil uncle. Everything you did advances the plot. In Seven Chambers, not so much.

The Seven Chambers Switch Review
You get stoned without even knowing it.

So you end up in mystical chambers of the gods and must master each one by clicking everything and solving puzzles. The problem is nothing flows. I’ll give you an example from later in the game.

The Seven Chambers Switch Review
It took 5 minute of trial and error before something happened.

You encounter two magical slots that you have to put something in. You put blood and an oborous symbol together to get power of an angel. You need it to free yourself from the prison you are in. Except you are not told you are supposed to do this. So you are left trying every inventory combination to get the right one. Or there’s a labyrinth and you have to stumble your way through it to a number puzzle where you put 1-9 in a square in such a way to have the same sum? Why? Don’t know. Put these ingredients together, solve this puzzle, why? Don’t know. Your diary provides some clues, but it is a crutch for bad storytelling.

The Seven Chambers Switch Review
You are supposed to harvest three ingredients in Venus’s Garden under moonlight. It’s actually just this puzzle.

In the end, Seven Chambers doesn’t have hidden object sections, but its more like the entire game is hidden object as you have to randomly click to find active spots, get items hidden in the background and bumble around for the solution. Puzzles are randomly placed and some are trial and error.

The Seven Chambers Switch Review
Click that hint button early and often, you’ll need it!

Even more infuriating are the crashes and bugs. Several times in the beginning, I’d complete a puzzle and the game would freeze. The game also randomly crashes every hour.

Put it all together, and Seven Chambers is half the game Lost Grimoires is. It does makes a valiant effort, and is pretty long for what it is, but just comes up short in the “me giving a crap” department.

Overall: The Seven Chambers is a boring, borderline nonsensical adventure game that most would probably not miss by skipping.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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