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Shipwreck Escape Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/17/2022
PublisherOcean Media
ESRB RatingT

You are a casino dealer on a cruise ship from Athens to Dubai. You black out and end up at the bottom of the sinking ship and have to escape. Along the way, you find a random woman and also play as her for no apparent reason. But don’t get confused, despite the name, Shipwreck Escape is not a escape room game, this is a puzzle platformer.

Shipwreck Escape
I’d like to know how anyone carried you to the bottom of the worst designed cruise ship in existence without anyone noticing.

Each level you need to get to the exit of the maze-like level. Standing in the way are fires, live wires, steam vents and locked door. There is a lever, valve or key nearby that will help, you just need to find it. But be warned, the water is rising and stay to long underwater, you die. Some levels you are alone, some you play both characters and need to help each get to their respective exit.

Shipwreck Escape
Better act quickly!

The levels in Shipwreck Escape are mazes, there are numerous dead ends on the solo levels. On the dual levels, there are less dead end, but usually you have to flip valves in sequence. For example, if a switch turns off electricity for one, it turns it on for the other, so you have to do it fast. Therefore, passing levels is in some ways trial and error, learning the exact sequence you will need to pass and doing it right with no errors as the water is always rising.

Shipwreck Escape

There are only twenty levels in total, but they can get long and complicated, so you’ll put some time into this regardless.

I was thinking of giving it a YMMV, but I think I’ll give it a Recommend, if for at the very least its rather unique. I’m sure there are similar games out there, I just have yet to find them. It’s also completely playable and challenging to boot.

Overall: Shipwreck Escape is a unique and challenging puzzle platformer!

Verdict: Recommended.

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