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Tempus Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/20/22
ESRB RatingE

I hadn’t gotten far enough in Tempus to make a decision as to the verdict, when I inadvertently broke the game. I had passed the large house, and was in the musical puzzle in the office building in age 2220, when I exited out of the game via home screen(because I had errands to run). When I came back to solve the musical puzzle(its difficult), I started outside far away(the house with the three lights by the door), and when I went back to the office building, I couldn’t get back to it because the two elevators were broken. The first one just required a restart, the second didn’t work at all after several reloads, as if the game thought I had already passed.

I could restart, but I’m not on principle, lest it happens again. If the developers give me word they fixed it, I will start again and give a fair review. Until that time, no.

This is how I felt!

Overall: Tempus was going good, until i broke it.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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