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Corridor Z Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/20/2020
PublisherMass Creations
ESRB RatingT

Corridor Z is an auto runner, a genre of game popular on mobile. Your goal in there games is simply to run as far as possible, until you inevitably fail. In Corridor Z, you are are being chased by zombies down an endless high school hallway. You throw stuff on the ground to trip them up, make turns, and shoot any weapon you pick up. That’s about it.

Corridor Z Switch Review

The game is divided up into days, each day you have four missions to run, like run a certain distance, kill a number of zombies with your weapon, or find an object. You complete the missions, and Corridor Z advances to the next day. When this happens, certain things will unlock, like laser trip mines, or even another area entirely.

Corridor Z Switch Review

The game was made for mobile. As you can see above, you have a health bar the depletes that you have to wait to replenish. Fortunately, you have three characters and you don’t have to wait long. There is also the in game currency, rations, which are used for everything, from extending your run, to buying new outfits. You find these when running, given based on your score, or in daily bonuses.

Corridor Z Switch Review
Seconds from death!

You’d think I’d rate this low, I will not. Like many of the Pix Arts titles, like Sweet Sugar Candy, Corridor Z retains what make the mobile titles fun, without having to pay extra money. Corridor Z is not at all deep, but its entertaining for short sessions, which it what is was designed for.

Overall: Don’t go in Corridor Z expecting deep game play, and you will have some fun!

Verdict: Recommended

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