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Fantasy Blacksmith Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/2/2022
PublisherCheckmate Publishing
ESRB RatingE10+

Fantasy Blacksmith is exactly what it says, you are a blacksmith and you smith weapons. Then you sell the weapons, and then repeat.

Fantasy Blacksmith Switch Review

First you click on the map and go to the store. You lay out a sword draft and buy the ingot and parts of the hilt.

Fantasy Blacksmith Switch Review

Then you throw coal in the furnace, heat it up, then lay in the ingot until it glows. You have a thermometer to get the temperature just right.

Fantasy Blacksmith Switch Review

Then when the ingot is hot, take it to the anvil and hit with a hammer. You should hammer it until its done, but not too much, or it goes bad. It will cool to the point you have to heat it up back up again to forge further.

Fantasy Blacksmith Switch Review

Then you cool the sword and take it the grindstone. Press LR to spin the wheel and hit the grind button when the grinding accuracy is high.

Once that is done, you assemble the sword with a little mini-game. Hit the hit button when the meter is above good.

Once that’s done, you go upstairs and sell the sword for reputation, gold and skill points. And that is where Fantasy Blacksmith falls apart. That is because you go back downstairs and repeat the forging process over and over again. Eventually you can enchant the weapons, and craft bigger and better weapons, but the process is exactly the same.

Fantasy Blacksmith is fine for a bit, then the repetition sets in. The blacksmithing itself is serviceable, but would have worked better as a mini game in another game, then as a game in itself. I won’t recommend this because real blacksmiths will real blacksmith, and those who want to be a fantasy blacksmith will still get bored quickly.

Overall: Fantasy Blacksmith would have been better as a mini-game in another game, then as its own game. As it is, it gets boring fast.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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