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Tankorama Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/3/2022
PublisherOcean Media
ESRB RatingE

Ocean Media usually publishes decent stuff. Tankorama is not one of them. Tankorama sucks, if for nothing less than the second level does not load.

Tankorama Switch Review
I tried several times to load the second level, to no avail

Even if the second level did load, i still would call this garbage, because it sucks. You pick one of three tanks, it does not matter which. Then you very slowly go through a level that looks like it was made in a programming school project:

Tankorama Switch Review
The radioactive zones hurt you

There are some neat ideas in Tankorama, like when you shoot, your weapons power level goes down and you need to stop shooting for it to recharge. However, you shoot so fast it does not really factor in. When you die, or complete the level, your score is used to buy upgrade tokens, which is nice, but they have minimal effect on game play.

Tankorama Switch Review
Yay, I think!

Tankorama is game that wants to be great, but simply is not. The game play fails to be fun and the graphics are terrible. There is a story here, but it does not matter at all. Not to mention the game shipped broken with the second level not loading. Total failure all around. No no, let me go further. At $10, this game is offensive to me.

Overall: Tankorama is broken game at present. Even if it gets fixed, there’s nothing here to recommended it to anyone.

Verdict: Garbage

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