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Monster Destroyer Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/6/2022
ESRB ratingE
Monster Destroyer Switch Review

Doesn’t the above screenshot of Monster Destroyer look awesome? You, standing in the middle of a horde of approaching monsters, flinging devastating attacks, the monsters falling at your feet! Doesn’t that sound incredibly fun?

Let me bring you down to Earth. Monster Destroyer is a Vampire Survivors clone, meaning your attacks will fire on a timer based and attack in various ways. There are no other controls besides moving. The only real choice you have is what to level up when you collect enough xp crystals.

Monster Destroyer Switch Review
Run, sucker, run!

You start off in Monster Destroyer as a warrior with a dinky forward sword attack, running from a horde of worms because they overwhelm you before your sword attack even fires. If you are lucky, you will get the axe attack, which fires in a wide arc. It won’t save you, nothing will save you. To move on to the next area, you must survive twenty minutes, good luck! To unlock other classes, you must level a specific attack to level six. Not happening!

There are no Metacritic reviews. There are exactly two reviews of Monster Destroyer on the Apple app store. Nobody plays this and nobody should. Vampire Survivors, which I have played, is awesome. You feel powerful from the start, you won’t be running from monsters, more so positioning yourself to best take out monsters. Not only that, your level up choices actually mean something. Not so in Monster Destroyer. Maybe things change with other classes, but I’m not waiting around to find out.

Overall: Monster Destroyer is the best running from monsters simulator ever created. It is that amazing! Vampire Survivors has nothing on this!

Verdict: Garbage

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P.S. For better VS clones, Try Army of Ruin and Void Scrappers!

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