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Void Scrappers Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/3/23
ESRB RatingT

Void Scrappers is Vampire Survivors in space (link goes to a playable demo version). Vampire Survivors is a insanely popular game where you run around avoiding enemies while you weapons auto-fire. You collect gems which you upgrade your weapons and ability items. Complete achievements to unlock new characters and weapons/skills). Replace gems with scrap, characters with ships and separate the weapon and ability items (skill) upgrade system, and you have Void Scrappers. You fly your ship around space destroying enemy ships while trying to stay alive. Scrap allows you to upgrade your skills. Defeating bosses allows you to upgrade weapons.

Void Scrappers, while a clone, does add some new ideas, There is a dash that allows you go through enemies. It gets even more helpful when an attack is added. In VS, you could only have six weapons and six ability items. Here you can have lots of both. Its necessary for weapons because to upgrade to an ultimate version, you need three of the same kind. Skills can get interesting, like one where enemies explode into bullets, which is great for taking out tightly packed groups of enemies.

Unlike Monster Destroyer, Void Scrappers is a great VS clone. The question is, is it a Must Play? VS certainly is. I’m going to stop short here because the Switch can’t handle screens full of enemies. There is noticeable slowdown when enemies are everywhere and bullets are flying. This probably why VS hasn’t made its way over, despite being a good fit. However, this game does scratch that itch, so its still highly recommended anyway.

Overall: Void Scrappers is a great Vampire Survivors clone. The game does have minor performance issues, however.

Verdict: Recommended

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PS. For a Must Player VS clone, try Army of Ruin!

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