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Extreme Bike X Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/10/2022
ESRB RatingE

I picked up Extreme Bike X on sale, expecting the worst thing ever. It had every reason to be terrible, including the engrish blurb, generic name and being a sub-$10 3D game. Turns out, its actually a great little bike game.

Extreme Bike X select screen
The course names may be generic, but they are complete and fun to run.

There are eight standard tracks, plus a create-a-track mode, where you can create your own tracks(up to eight). In single-player, there is free racing, which is a single race, and grand prix, which is four races of your choice. There is up to four player split-screen multiplayer as well. The bikes, which are differentiated by color only, have different stats and handle differently.

OMG, this is not awful… it is fun even.

But how does this play? This is shocking, but it is completely playable. The controls are responsive, the AI isn’t a complete pushover and I even had a feeling of fun, strange for a $7 3D game. There is literally nothing to complain about. It’s not great racing, this isn’t Excitebike 64, but it is shockingly solid.

The game’s best feature, bar none.

For a sub-$10 game, Extreme Bike X is amazing. I absolutely enjoyed the time I spent with it. I couldn’t ask for more out of the game for its asking price. Kudos to the developers for cranking out so much on such a tiny budget! For that reason, I’ll give it a Must Play.

Overall: Extreme Bike X on the surface seems like a bad game, when it, for its price, is a quality game.

Verdict: Must Play

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