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Lunistice Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/10/2022
ESRB RatingE

You might remember this review going up in November 2022 with a Not Recommended verdict. Well I hated Lunistice then, with a flaming passion. Then recently, I saw this:

Yeah, how could this game, which I absolutely detested, sell 20k units and end up in many people’s top 5 list for 2022(which was stated in another tweet)? Maybe I was wrong in my assessment? So I went and back and played it… and I still hated it.

Lunistice Switch Review

In most platformers, when I make a jump, I can always be reasonably certain if it will hit or not mid jump. This is true Mario, Sonic Frontiers, Glyph, or any decent platformer. When I make a jump in Lunistice, it appears to be a total crap shoot, complete and utter luck if I’ll make it. I’m not joking. Furthermore, I had the nasty habit or randomly walking off platforms because you default move too fast. The game tells you press ZR to move slowly. That does help, but that wastes more time and shouldn’t have to be this way.

Lunistice Switch Review

But maybe that’s just it, what I hate about it, other people absolutely love about it. And, to be fair, for $5, the game is extremely well made, I’ll give it that. So I’m changing my verdict to a YMMV. I didn’t enjoy it, but if you do, that’s great.

Overall: Lunistice is a budget platformer that I detested, but other people apparently love. You might even love it too.

Verdict: YMMV

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