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Police Simulator 2023 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/7/2023
Cost $19.99
PublisherSC Olivex Soft
ESRB RatingE10+

I went into this thinking it was bottom of the barrel. Unlike Extreme Bike X, Police Simulator 2023 will not be getting a Must Play. I’m actually not sure what verdict to give it. That’s because the marketing is not lying, there is an open world here, its just not very lively, as there are no pedestrians and the traffic is dumb as rocks.

So you exist in this strange city, where the police vehicle lettering in English, but all the signage is in Chinese. Anyway, you drive around looking for missions, or one will come the intercom. They vary from boring, like ticketing parked cars, to minorly exciting ones like chasing down fleeing suspects. The chases are the highlight of the game, but usually end with the car you’re chasing crashing into something on their own, as you can see below. Just mosey on up to the crashed car, wait, and you will capture them.

As I said, the AI is stupid, really stupid, and puts up no challenge.

So when you complete a mission in Police Simulator 2023, you get XP, credits, and your forgiving/strict meter will change. The XP unlocks new officers to play, the credits is used for new cars and upgrades(and I think the car wash). I’m not entirely sure what the strict/forgiving meter does, it seems to have no effect.

Police Simulator 2023 is functional, there is a game here. It’s just poorly made and rather boring. The game expects you complete the same handful of mission types over and over again. There’s no variety and they don’t change. You can get out of your car and walk around, but there is nothing to do while on foot outside of missions.

The highlight of the evening.

If I can narrow everything down to one complaint about Police Simulator 2023, it’s the E10+ rating. Don’t go in here expecting to get in a shootout with drug dealers or deal with drunk people in domestic disturbance calls. You just drive around ticketing cars and occasionally chasing cars into walls. You might even put spikes across a road at a roadblock(not as interesting as it sounds). It may capture the monotonous nature of most police work, but it doesn’t make a very interesting or fun game.

Overall: Police Simulator 2023 is functional, there is a real game here. It is just a painfully boring one not worth your time.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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