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Fight of Gods Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/18/19
PublisherDigital Crafter
ESRB RatingT

I will start off this Fight of Gods review with the opening message:


Fight of Gods is where you fight as real mythological figures both current and ancient. You can fight as Odin or Zeus, or as Buddha and Jesus. Yes, Jesus, who has two pieces of wood nailed to his hands and wears a crown of thorns. Hence the above image, where I call bullshit on “we didn’t want to offend anyone.” Yes, they did, but only certain religions. The Prophet Muhammad is noticeably absent. I wonder why? They knew exactly what they were doing and what they could get away with.


I wasn’t lying about Jesus

But setting aside the sacrilegious premise, how is the game? It’s bad for a fighting game. There are very few special attacks per character. The fighting is slow and monotonous. Everyone looks janky. It just isn’t fun at all. It’s really is kind of hard to explain, this was a low budget title and it shows. Play a grade A fighting game, then play this, you’ll feel the difference in how it plays. Even the Deadliest Warrior games from the 360 era were better. And other critics years ago agreed.

Sif’s chest is the most fluid thing in the game.

Paradoxically, the premise is probably the best part of Fight of Gods. Despite being borderline offensive, the premise is the only reason to visit. Each of the gods has their own stage and the moves they do have are bursting with personality. Moses uses the ten commandments as a weapons and will part the seas as an ultimate attack. Unfortunately, the game itself is bare bones with few modes and isn’t very fun. Therefore, you won’t stay around for very long. In the end, this game will be simply forgotten like an ancient mythological entity

Overall: Fight of Gods has a ridiculous premise that actually works, strangely. But unfortunately, the rest of the game is awful.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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P.S. Try Fight of Steel for better fighting game from Digital Crafters,

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